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NHST was extremely pleased to organise interviews for Attitude magazine with four of our contributors.

Flick, George, Andrew and Bex all talked about the impact the HIV/Aids epidemic had on them. Each story is uniquely powerful.

“We’re getting to the point, with the Aids epidemic, where the younger folk need reminding, lest we forget, that our elders are important and valid and we must celebrate them.” – George

As the NHST is dedicated to ensuring the stories are not forgotten we are grateful to Attitude to bringing them to a younger audience, highlighting both the tragedy and the humanity from the epidemic, and of course to each interviewee for sharing their personal stories.

“HIV has been a really destructive, awful, sad, hideous thing, but it completely changed my life – all the good things of my life have come from HIV… my career, my wife, my friends. HIV gave me all of that.” – Flick

You can read the full feature on Attitude or buy in shops now.

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