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Feature film.

The feature film is at the heart of the NHST’s work.

Public Archive.

After filming over 100 interviews telling the full story of the HIV and AIDS pandemic, we donated our collection to the London Metropolitan Archive where it is being made publicly available and will exist in perpetuity as a public resource. This archive continues to grow as more people share their incredible stories.


The history of HIV and AIDS is being forgotten, while younger generations understand little of the pandemic. As a result ignorance and stigma still surrounds HIV. The NHST can provide educational speakers for your organisation, including schools, colleges, business and the media.

Later Life.

The NHST is dedicated to not only honouring those who did not survive but using the lessons we’ve learnt to support those living with HIV today. We place centre stage the survivors still here who are entering later life, many of whom did not expect to survive or make provision for old age.


The power of storytelling is how art brings history to life. Many of our interviewees have spoken about the pleasure they found in artistic pursuit. Learn more about how we have supported the arts through our work, helping to raise public awareness of HIV and of the NHST’s work.


Your generous support helps us to secure, preserve and protect the stories of the HIV and AIDS pandemic. In doing so, we can ensure the stories continue to be retold to younger generations, including through the arts and education.

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