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Later life

The project is not just about those who did not survive. We place centre stage the survivors still here who are facing later life, people who did not expect to survive and did not make provisions for old age.

This is about the first generation of people living with HIV and who are faced with many challenges.

The support structure that was so hard fought for in the past is now being withdrawn or depleted and those places of support and integration, the drop-in centres are all but a thing of the past. Isolation for many older positive people is not uncommon.

Living through those times and surviving HIV has left many survivors with complex psychological difficulties, not yet properly addressed or understood. And while combination therapies keep many alive, the daily grind of survival can be tough, mentally, physically and economically.

As one survivor has put it: “we prepared ourselves to die but the hardest part has been learning how to live.”

With this in mind the aims of the project are to create a broad and eclectic archive and social history resource that will ensure such a crucial time can never be forgotten. Ultimately, the project will be a legacy of support for HIV/AIDS charities.

Help us to develop awareness of people living longer with HIV and the challenges we face as a society to develop specialist care and resources for later life.

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You can help us make positive history. Even a small gift will be important and help make sure the stories of the HIV/AIDS pandemic will never be forgotten, and you will help us to keep re-telling these important stories for younger generations, through the Arts and education.