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Feature film

The feature film will reveal the heart of the HIV/AIDS story, telling in people’s own words, what it was like to live through the loss of so many friends and lovers, but also what was done to ease the pain of so much sickness and death in the UK.

In the 1980s an AIDS diagnosis was thought be ‘a death sentence’ by many. So stigmatised was a positive diagnosis that for many it led to isolation or rejection and in some cases suicide. For many others the ‘secret’ of their positive status led to a silence of their lives and needs over decades, and a retreat ‘back to the closet’.

What must it have been like at a time when you would hope the arms of love would surround you, yet were unable to even reach out to touch?

Thank goodness then for those that would not be silenced and those who did care passionately about people living with AIDS: the carers, the lovers, the clinicians, the activists and visionaries, the fundraisers and the friends. How did this community pull together and change people’s lives forever when faced with such negativity and stigma?

How did we react when it became clear HIV had spread outside the gay community affecting heterosexual men and women, even children?

What is it like now, after 30 years, to break that silence and to ask to be loved again? And what is it like to face the future living with HIV now?

Our film is about understanding and revealing the silence and secrets of the time and learning how a community stood together and built a better future, even while it was being drained of life.

Containing tragic and sometimes grim stories of living and dying with HIV/AIDS, the film also celebrates those extraordinary acts of compassion, love and immeasurable strength shown by so many very special people from every walk of life.

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You can help us make positive history. Even a small gift will be important and help make sure the stories of the HIV/AIDS pandemic will never be forgotten, and you will help us to keep re-telling these important stories for younger generations, through the Arts and education.