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These deeply personal stories will inform, inspire and influence, providing a powerful and empowering discourse. It is very important work, and London Metropolitan Archive’s involvement will ensure that these voices are preserved for the future and can be shared for the benefit of many others.
Graham Packham
Chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Culture, Heritage and Libraries Committee
We need your help
We need to raise funds in order to employ lawyers to make sure the interviews are compliant and help with the archive process. Help us complete the largest filmed archive of HIV testimony in the UK and make it accessible to the public now by making a donation or if you are a media lawyer who could offer some pro-bono help please email us with your details.
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Your generous support helps us to secure, preserve and protect the stories of the HIV and AIDS pandemic. In doing so, we can ensure the stories continue to be retold to younger generations, including through the arts and education.

The 100 interviews chart not only a key and tragic part of LGBTQ+ history, but of our society’s shared history. The HIV crisis cut into every kind of life, and the aftershocks reverberate on to this day.

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