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The project will seek to develop educational resources for schools and colleges, through the use of the archive and film, so that younger generations can connect directly with this important part of social history, leading to further understanding and knowledge.

The project is driven by concern for the next generation, a generation fighting its own important and evolving battle with the virus. It is about connecting young and old, about passing on the lessons of experience.

It is presently not uncommon for students to leave their education having been told nothing about the history of HIV/AIDS, let alone sexual health around the virus and the implications of being diagnosed HIV positive. We want to start bringing about some mainstream awareness by educating people through our resources.

To do this we need to develop this website as a fully interactive tool, where the public can not only search for historical detail by accessing parts of the 100 interviews but also add to it by uploading their own stories.

Help us develop an educational resource by creating a fully interactive website for the project where people can research and connect with the history of HIV/AIDS.

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You can help us make positive history. Even a small gift will be important and help make sure the stories of the HIV/AIDS pandemic will never be forgotten, and you will help us to keep re-telling these important stories for younger generations, through the Arts and education.