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Professor Chloe Orkin is Professor of HIV Medicine at Queen Mary University of London and Consultant Physician at Barts Health NHS Trust where she has led the HIV clinical trials unit for the past 18 years. She has delivered more than 60 clinical trials of novel anti-viral agents to treat HIV, hepatitis C and SARS-CoV-2 thereby contributing to the licensing of 22 drugs. She is the global lead author for the first-ever long-acting injectable HIV therapy. Equity and justice are at the core of her academic and advocacy work. She directs the QMUL-based SHARE research collaborative for health equity. Chloe is Academic Lead for Equality Diversity and Inclusion at her medical school. Chloe is the 80th President of the Medical Women’s Federation (MWF), an organisation which has represented the views of medical women in the UK on medical issues for the past 105 years. The organisation was closely aligned to suffrage has a proud history of effective advocacy on gender issues.  She has recently recorded an MWF Podcast on leadership. Chloe co-Chairs HIV Glasgow, one of the largest international conferences covering HIV and SARS CoV-2. She is immediate past Chair of the British HIV Association and a member of the governing council for the International AIDS Society.

Having been a clinician in HIV for the last twenty years I know how vital these stories are . Hearing them and preserving them is a vital part of the history of the HIV pandemic and of the LGBTQ+ history in the UK


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