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Paul Coleman, founder of the National HIV Story Trust, acted as producer for the new play Moment of Grace and spoke to The Guardian about similarities between the HIV and coronavirus pandemics.

The new play by playwright Bren Gosling and directed by Nicky Allpress is a fictional story based on Princess Diana’s real visits to London’s HIV wards.

Paul told The Guardian that “I think the way we reacted when Covid-19 came along does bear a lot of similarities. There’s the way people said ‘it comes from China’ – that was like back then when people would say ‘OK, it came from America’ or ‘it came from San Francisco’, as if that had anything to do with it.”

Read the full article here: Covid-19 prejudice akin to 1980s Aids panic, say creators of Diana play.

Find out more about the National HIV Story Trust here.


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