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Today the National HIV Story Trust announces the launch of our educational resource ‘The Hidden History of HIV’.

We realise that for many people under 30, It’s A Sin is likely to have been their first introduction to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. By bringing together articulate individuals who lived through the pandemic, we want to ensure that their real life experiences – whether they are living with HIV, cared for their dying friends or led clinical research – are not forgotten by younger generations.

To mark the launch we are hosting our first online forum on 27th April 2021 at 4pm-5:15pm. Full details are available on our Eventbrite page here, including agenda and speaker biographies. While the event will be aimed at sixth form/college age groups, it is open to all.

As an archive we have a responsibility to ensure the experiences – which are simultaneously tragic, heroic, distressing, inspirational, heart-breaking and heart-warming – of the HIV pandemic are not only preserved but also serve to educate and inform.

OUR MISSION: to ensure the true history of the HIV/AIDS pandemic of the 80s and 90s is not forgotten. When the world’s media was looking the other way, incredible stories of tragedy and heroism were taking place, we are determined to now collate and preserve these stories, some never before told. We’re doing this to honor those who survived, and those that didn’t, but also to preserve these stories for future generations, and pass on the many positive lessons we can take from the period. Lessons which are particularly pertinent as we now face new public health challenges, worldwide pandemics and changing health needs.

We are immensely proud and truly humbled to have preserved the stories of people who contracted HIV/AIDS and survived, those who lost lovers, and those who lost an impossible number of friends. Those who cared for the sick and dying. Those who treated them. Those who became political activists and even the politicians who led the national response.

Now we want to share them because it is so important that this hitherto mostly hidden true life testimony is revealed to current generations for the important history it represents.

If you would like to organise a session with the National HIV Story Trust for a corporate, educational or setting of any kind please contact us: [email protected].

Please consider making a donation, however small, to our charity so that we can continue this important work.

Image reproduced with kind permission from Gideon Mendel from his book THE WARD, published by Trolley Books –


Your generous support helps us to secure, preserve and protect the stories of the HIV and AIDS pandemic. In doing so, we can ensure the stories continue to be retold to younger generations, including through the arts and education.

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