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For World AIDS Day 2022, the National HIV Story Trust joined forces with LADbible to bring the stories of HIV to a younger audience.

LADbible is one of the world’s largest media brands with an audience approaching a billion, with 262 million followers worldwide across the major social media platforms. Its five websites attract almost 69 million unique visitors every month and is focussed on the 18-34 year old demographic.

Our collaboration shone the spotlight on four stories and facilitated an online Q&A with LADbible’s followers and two of our interviewees – Jonathan Blake and Barbara von Barsewisch.

It also included a myth-busting vox pop and a post about Michael Jordan to appeal to LADbible’s large sports fanbase.

NHST was immensely pleased to take part in this first-of-its-kind collaboration, ensuring the stories of the pandemic reach newer and younger audiences and keeping alive the stories the NHST’s contributors have entrusted to us.

You can see some of the campaign below.


Your generous support helps us to secure, preserve and protect the stories of the HIV and AIDS pandemic. In doing so, we can ensure the stories continue to be retold to younger generations, including through the arts and education.

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