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Love, loss & life

A collection of essays, reflections and passionate testimonies about 40 years of HIV/AIDS, including Rupert Everett, Lord Fowler, Jane Anderson and many more.

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Winston Churchill

This book is the first from NHST that discusses a crucial area: what can we learn from those who have gone before us?

With essays from: Professor Jane Anderson, Barbara von Barsewisch, Jonathan Blake, Jane Bruton, Alan Burgess, David Eason, Rupert Everett, Lord Fowler, Arnold Gordon, Janet Green, George Hodson, Kelly Hunter, Andrew Keates, Richard Leaf, Dr Graeme Moyle, Sir Nick Partridge, Krishen Samuel, Adrienne Seed, Winnie Sseruma, Rebecca de Havilland, Flick Thorley and Rupert Whitaker.

Profound change in the world order becomes apparent within a pandemic. These real life stories of the HIV/AIDS pandemic reveal a truth – you cannot manage the future without knowing the past. The contributors to this book are experienced with the HIV/AIDS story as medical professionals, patients, family and friends. They are feisty individuals who have been prepared to discuss ideas and explore the social history of their lives. This book is about understanding and revealing the silence and secrets of the past 40 years and learning how a community stood together and built a better future, even while it was being drained of life.