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Marking Pride Month 2024, these episodes will be released weekly from June 12th,...

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To mark World AIDS Day 2023, we are releasing five new episodes of our ‘Love, Loss & Life’ podcast series. Stories from Rupert Everett, Barbara von Barsewisch, Lord Fowler, Arnold Gordon, and Jonathan Blake join this powerful collection.

These five new episodes dive into the responses and experiences of public figures, marginalised communities, and the people who have dedicated their lives to the care and support of people living with HIV. We hear from Lord Fowler on the government’s ‘Don’t Die of Ignorance Campaign’. Actor Rupert Everett leads us down the backstreets of New York  and London’s Soho to the vibrant gay bars and sex clubs of the 1980s, where the spectre of AIDS hung over him like an “invisible vampire”. Arnold Gordon, founder of Blackliners, tells us how he created London’s only Black support group at the time from a small room at his house in South East London. Barbara von Bareswisch reveals what a life dedicated to the nursing of people with AIDS really meant on a ward where everyone would ultimately die, and long-term survivor, actor and activist Jonathan Blake tells how a community came together in the 80s to rally against the ravages of AIDS and changed the way society cared for the dying.

Presenting a perspective of the AIDS crisis in the 1980s and 1990s through the lives of a diverse set of individuals, the ‘Love, Loss & Life’ podcast series recognises the true tragedy of HIV and AIDS, and shares tender stories of love, unending compassion, and the unity of a disparate community in the face of a global crisis.

‘Love, Loss & Life’ podcast series details

Listeners can find ‘Love, Loss & Life’ on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and more, or visit

Five new episodes will be released daily from today:

  • Monday 27th November: Jonathan Blake
  • Tuesday 28th November: Barbara von Barsewisch
  • Wednesday 29th November: Lord Fowler
  • Thursday 30th November: Arnold Gordon
  • Friday 1st December: Rupert Everett

Introduced by Anita Dobson and voiced by actors Christopher Ashman, Elexi Walker, and Kay Eluvian, the podcast series features stories taken from our first book, the collection of essays, reflections, and testimonies also entitled ‘Love, Loss & Life’ which you can buy here. An audiobook is also available here.


Your generous support helps us to secure, preserve and protect the stories of the HIV and AIDS pandemic. In doing so, we can ensure the stories continue to be retold to younger generations, including through the arts and education.

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